Preparation for Tender Applications

Tender applications require a fairly comprehensive list of documentation to be supplied, all of which needs to be translated into the language of the home country of the tendering organisation. The list of documents is the same for all tenders, so this process only needs to be done once. Some of the documents will probably need to be originated or obtained specially (for example, a Tax Clearance Certificate) and then translated, but we can advise on this. Two significant documents that need to be translated for each country are the Memorandum and Articles of Association and latest Audited Accounts, so clients would need to allow sufficient time for all of this work to be done well before the closing date of the tender.

In addition to the statutory and official documents that need to be supplied we also recommend that Company Brochures (particularly Case Studies) are translated too. As a final suggestion, it will help the company no end if it also has at least a simple website landing page in the relevant language. This can easily be achieved by setting up a single-page site under a local domain name, which can then be linked to the company’s main website. Providing these last two items will significantly enhance the company’s credibility to those making the decisions concerning the offer of the tender, and show the company’s commitment to doing business in the country concerned, which can only benefit the chances of a bid being accepted.

We can carry out all of the translation necessary for these documents – not just a literal translation, but ensuring that the translation is contextually and idiomatically correct too. Our charge for carrying out this work, including providing the full list of documents, advising on the creation of the new ones and co-ordinating the whole process varies depending on the country.

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